After Big Evil, The Bigger Evil and Big Stupid, Take a Break

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These were the days of innocence.  We didn’t make a helluva a lot of money, but customers called us “Doc” and the respect we had in the community was undiminished.  I was in my mid-twenties when I started as a “Registered Man” and they still treated me with deference.  Can we ever get that back?



  1. Broncofan7  •  Dec 3, 2012 @8:13 pm

    Not until we are able to be recognized and marketed individually again instead of by the chain that employs most of us…

  2. pharmaciststeve  •  Dec 3, 2012 @8:33 pm

    We can get it back.. but.. it will mean that individually and collectively we will have to find a backbone and live by the company’s P&P and practice act.

  3. Broncofan7  •  Dec 3, 2012 @10:18 pm

    “the company’s….”— precisely my point. Glorified Massage therapists… Aka….Chiropractors, have more social status than do pharmacists…. Why is that? Because they are seen as individual practitioners. Their names are sometimes marketed; patients ask to meet with them by their name. Chain pharmacy drives traffic by advertising their “brand” not any individual pharmacist….

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