For You Dreamless Dreamers Out There.. You Got To Get A Life.

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From “JP’s 20 Simple Rules for The Pharmacist” Copyright 2006

Rule Number Twenty

Live With Intention, Walk to the Edge

Practice Wellness

Continue to Learn and

Play With Abandon


            Do what you love!  I know your dreams and how fragile they are.  I still have mine.  Some have filtered away in the stream of life while others came true unexpectedly.  I have no regrets, nor should you.  In 1999, Victoria came true when I had lost all hope.

Some of you have given up and are settling.  You have a good life, a fine life, but there is a steady gnawing discomfort about what could have been.  Big paychecks can’t help.  You can’t buy what you want so dearly   The vision that lit you up is not for sale.  You set it aside for later and then later happened without it.                                                                                                     How did it get away?  You made a world-class mistake by not sharing your dreams.  Sharing makes them real in the universe.  It sets powerful influences to work in your favor.  While you sleep, celestial alliances come to your aid.      Too hippie-dippy for you?  Well, I am hippie-dippy.  I’ve been that way for decades and I’m not going to be any other way just because people are watching me.  I have earned my life.

Dreams are magic and you are the magician.  You pull them out of the hat, let everyone see them and then just let them be.  Let them mature and blossom out in the ether dimension, just a little bit out of the way from your earthly senses.

For me, a conjurer who learned by taking baby steps, my castles in the sky did not come true for decades after I had first, timidly let them come out and see the light of the sun.  I could no longer hide them.  Courage came from deep inside (perhaps outside) and my most hidden secret longings filtered out where all in the heavens and on Earth could see them.

This wasn’t easy because we are discouraged to believe in the unexplainable.  We are told that we get no reward from anything other than hard work.  The puritanical bugaboo that all good things take time and effort will stop a dream from blossoming every time.

My dreams grew all by themselves without any work by me.  One day, I realized that one of them had come true, then another.  It is always a surprise.  What a thrill.

I believe in dragons and angels.  I live my life like there are stubborn heavenly forces working for me.  I live like a 1960s flower child because I am one.  I do believe in miracles.  They have come to be and all I had to do was dream them.

Dreamless people laughed at me.  That is a real danger.  You just have to not care.  They don’t have dreams, so how dare you?

Don’t despair.  Life without dreams is icy.  Some of you will hold on no matter what.  Your force of will is simply a flimsy shroud when you compare it with the magic in your favor.

Who are these seekers who are living their lives as I have lived mine?  Who are these professionals who have no doubt that pharmacy is what they do and not who they are? 

Who are these sisters and brothers who have learned to laugh right along with me?  Who are my partners in the cosmic dance?  Who hears the music that I hear?

They are the ones who learned to navigate lightly in a professional world that can crush you and rob you of your humanity and your ability to do magic.

Pharmacy is no different than any other scholarly discipline.  The nature of any profession is to homogenize and consume every practitioner and to rip the spirituality right out of her.

That is what happens when you define yourself as what you do.  Be careful out there!                     


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