Ah.. Did I Really See That? And Was That Moaning I was Hearing?

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I believe I know why you send all of these stories to me.  Because you trust that I will put them up here in an interesting manner with interesting images.  I really had to search to find this one.  A good 20 minutes.  I entered “Pharmacist/Manager Sex” and all I got was hard core.  Then I tried “Manager/Secretary Sex”.   Not quite 100% hard core images, but nothing that I would feel comfortable putting here.   I finally found this at “Drug Store Romance”.  Although what is with the “I won’t”?  Because he certainly did.

I am not telling you if this story started well before the store opened at a Big Evil, Big Stupid, Big Kahuna or Big Topeka.  Trust that it was one of those.  I am telling you, there are a million stories in the Naked Drug Store and I mean Naked.

I received a hectic, obviously rushed Email at one of my private addresses.  It was from a girl who had been an RPh for barely a year.  She claims to have walked in on the Pharmacy Manager (a 30 something male) and the out front store manager (a 40 something female).  In flagrante delicto.  In the pharmacy, behind the locked door, with only the night lights on, against the sink, standing up, holding on.  Use your imagination.

“Oh, my god, Jay Pee, I was so embarrassed,” she went on.  ”I just stood there and couldn’t watch them.”

Why were you embarrassed?   Did they invite you to join them?

“Her blouse was opened and well you know.  He was squeezing.   Her pants were on the floor.  His pants were around his ankles.  There was a knocking sound, sort of bumping.   One of them groaned, Yes.. Yes.”

I know his wife.  She is nice.  They have two kids in Middle School.   The manager is Ugh, single and mean.  But, Jay Pee, my pharmacist manager has always treated me good”.

If you are gonna cheat, it is the littlest thing that will get you.  This little girl pharmacist had the wrong day.  She said that Tuesdays are order days and the opening RPh always comes early.  Well, I mean, Ah. you know.  Shows up to work early.  So, she comes in early, unlocks the door, steps inside, hears some moaning way down at the end of the pharmacy.  She looks and In Flagrante Delicto.

This girl is a smart rat.  She knew instinctively that she was the one whose ass was grass if they knew that she had caught them.  They would panic and get her out of the store, one way or the other.  So, what she did was:

Take a picture with her iPhone.

She said that she left the pharmacy, went to her car and drove to her apartment.  She stopped for a package of Salem cigarettes on the way.  Made some coffee and smoked her first cigarette in six months.

“My biggest problem,” she wrote, “Is that I have to go to work this afternoon and face him.”  She said that she really wanted to call the nice wife, but was scared.   She even speculated that she should get another job.  She asked,

“What should I do, Jay Pee?”

I told her to stiffen up.  She did nothing wrong.  Send the picture to her PC.  Store it,  print it and put it in a safe place.  Then I said, “Mail it Certified Mail to yourself.  It will be proof of the date.  Do NOT open the envelope unless you have to.  Perhaps in front of the Director of Human Resources”.

I told her that I would ask you.  What is your best advice?  She should punish them for getting her off the cigarette wagon, if nothing else?  Should she talk to the wife with two Middle School kids?

It is amazing that we do not get more reports like this.   My college room mate did it with a cosmetic clerk in the basement store room in the drug store in Van Wert, Ohio (1963).  I (was single) and did it with the technician in the bathroom, repeatedly on Mondays when the pharmacy was the only department open in the huge big box store (1977).

For some reason, it just seems much worse at a chain drug store in 2013, when the guy is married.




  1. prickly pharmacist  •  Feb 26, 2013 @7:56 am

    Please don’t tell the wife. If they have been married long enough to have middle school aged kids, she probably already knows what he is like. You will be considered the bad guy for telling her. Hang on to the evidence. If you work for a chain you will probably need it. Take pictures of anything at work that makes you nervous. I have seen pharmacy managers go through the pharmacy and destroy documents that might reflect badly on themselves or favoured employees.

  2. Goose  •  Mar 1, 2013 @12:23 pm

    The emails I get are no way as good as yours! I think you gave her some good advice though.
    Protect yourself first always and document. Handled the way JP suggested, it would be tough to for them to lie about that picture.
    Also get a picture of the store prior to opening with both of their vehicles there with no one else in the store. Establishes “probable cause” so to speak.
    I know of a case at a chain I worked at where 2 pharmacy supervisors were caught having sex in an office at company headquarters. They were well liked, so the company let it go, but both were sent back to the stores. They are now married and still work there.
    At the hospital I work at now, an open heart surgeon got let go last year for having an affair with his nurse. That was the rumour anyway. None of the individuals involved still work for us.
    My personal theory is that if you cheat on your spouse, everything else is fair game, I would bet both people involved, because of their positions, are stealing from their company.
    Be careful that you never get in a position where you can get set up, like being alone with these 2 without a recording device on your person.
    I have had my phone bugged and been tailed by a private detective, so I’ve seen the dark side of this stuff. I also have been involved in some LP investigations that were pretty shady. (only as a bystander) Things can get bad a lot quicker than you think and if you have a bad feeling about a situation or person, there’s usually a good reason for it.
    When people get backed into a corner, they get mean and you just have to respect that.
    Like prickly pharmacist said, (by the way I like that name)the dudes wife knows him better than anybody and I’m sure the store manager is not his first conquest.
    To the pharmacist involved, keep your head up and stay classy about things. Find some people you like and respect to work with. That’s the most important thing anyway.
    Good Luck.

  3. Goose  •  Mar 1, 2013 @1:01 pm

    One other thing I noticed is that when you become less predcitable, you notice a lot more that is going on around you. When I was being followed, I took a different route to work every day and one the way home I made several stops. I had been tipped off that I was being followed but I started noticing things that confirmed it.
    Most of us are creatures of habit and when you are dealing with people who are watching you for whatever reason, that benefits them and not you.
    Most of us show up for work at about the same time every day. I would advise not doing that.
    In the old days, predictability equaled dependability. I think not it’s something else not as good.

  4. Goose  •  Mar 1, 2013 @1:03 pm

    sorry about the poor grammar on that last post..shessh.
    The last line should have said: “Today I thinks it’s something not as good.”

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