You are all “Moles”. Start Using Your Position To Gather Incriminating Evidence

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You can comment here, especially to give “Pep talks” to other pharmacists who are in crappy, unprofessional situations.  Do not send your evidence in comments here.

Send to:

Pharmacist Steve and myself will manage this address.  We will be the only people who see your evidence.  We will be appropriate in what we do with that evidence.  This is a guerrilla action and you are the fighters.  Step up.

You are in a position that should make the middle managers at Big Stupid and Big Evil crap their pants.  You can document everything they say or do.  When we get multiple “Undercover Agents” reporting the same thing, then we have mass for our argument that conditions are so fucked that patients are in danger.

You are the perfect “Agent”.  You are allowed into the inner sanctum every single day.  You see everything that goes on.  You read the memos.  You read the Emails.  You talk with patients.  You have modern tools at your disposal.  Voice recorders that look like pens or key fobs for your car.  If you do not have a “Voice Recorder” App on your smart phone, download one.  Record, record, record.  Send it to your PC.

Save anything that is written.   Document anything that is said.

I do not have to tell you what damning evidence is.. You already know.

We do not necessarily need your name.  We do need to know the name of the company you work for and in what state.  Your name and Email address would be nice.  We can communicate further if that is needed.

This could be a helluva lot of fun.




  1. MSDEMEANOR  •  Mar 7, 2013 @9:13 pm

    That pharmacist looks like he has hemmorhoids

  2. the truth  •  Mar 12, 2013 @2:45 pm

    So little response to such a widespread problem. Expect to see more rphs pushed out through bullying or false write ups as they get older and replaced with lower paid employees. The job search across the country, except for AZ, is mind numbingly depressing. The wages are getting lower too. This profession is definitely at a moral crossroads.

  3. MSDEMEANOR  •  Mar 12, 2013 @7:52 pm

    You want a depressing analogy?
    Look at the attorney profession.
    A surplus of schools has led to staggering unemployment rates with just about half of
    graduates even in the legal profession. Accordingly salaries have plummeted.
    Ask yourself. When pharmacy applications inevitably decline what will happen to all the schools? Will they close or lower standards in order to stay open?
    Everyone knows that Rite Aid will either go bankrupt or get taken over.What happens to the pharmacists? K Mart is also on its deathbed.

  4. the truth  •  Mar 13, 2013 @7:57 am

    Attorneys have known of the glut for at least 10 years. Pharmacy glut hit about 2007 and the chains won’t stop getting visa applicants. Rumor has it one chain in the area is doing away with PT and floaters. My advice to older rphs, brush up on networking. It’s a jungle out there and the market is brutal.

  5. bcmigal  •  Mar 13, 2013 @1:35 pm

    Inquisition 2013, the write ups are coming, or no carrots just sticks….
    Beginning immediately, pharmacists are being written up for not listening to voice mail in < 15 minutes, reach rate of < 70% on adherence calls, not calling pts to verify that they really really want to transfer to a store that takes their insurance, not calling md's offices who have not responded to refill requests after 3 tries……on and on and on…..I wonder why I had a dream that I was being "water boarded"?

  6. the truth  •  Mar 13, 2013 @2:37 pm

    We had those threats a year and a half ago. Our district is looking more like a battlefield these days. Don’t forget the tech snitches and the rph snitches. It is really bad right now. To anyone in pharmacy school, please speak with current rphs. Ask for them to be totally honest with you. The only jobs are few and far away and are nearly always high turnover jobs. I worked at several high turnover stores. There’s a reason for the turnover. I wish there was some common sense mixed in. Have a bad store? or a bad DM, then clean it up. Bad techs? Don’t be afraid to cut their hours and have them leave on their own. PICs out there. You don’t know how much of a difference you could make if you would just exercise common sense. Your coworkers would appreciate it too.

  7. pharmacyslave2000  •  Mar 13, 2013 @4:14 pm

    It’s definitely tough right now and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the madness. Our only salvation lies in the hands of the public, as sad as that sounds. The BOP’s will do nothing until pressured by the public or until there is a disastrous mistake. We need a good old-fashioned expose on the world of retail pharmacy. Hopefully JP and the crew can collect enough “evidence” to get the ball rolling in the right direction.
    Pharmacy students, if you are reading this blog be assured it is 100% accurate. This is a profession that will destroy you if you let it. Be very mindful of what you’re getting yourself into. The money may not be there much longer and there really isn’t any other reason to get into the career nowadays. It’s a dead-end job.

  8. WrongAid  •  Mar 13, 2013 @4:59 pm

    Why oh why is the TPA and every other person willing to fight this fight not targeting the students and the schools. Supply and demand is the one and only thing that can bring back any semblance of control in the pharmacy. Something as simple as a website address posted on the message boards at enough schools will get the ball rolling. If enough quit –> schools will close –> fewer pharmacists –> actual options to leave a horrid environment –> appeasement to keep staff. The boards are impotent and the public will NEVER care. No matter how much is outted about the profession.

  9. the truth  •  Mar 13, 2013 @5:34 pm

    I wish they would quit but my alma mater, the premier pharmacy school in the country, has an annual tuition of 50 grand. Yes, 50 grand and that’s just for the undergrad years. Now who is going to say, hey, I (meaning my parents) forked over 50, 100, etc grand and now I want to switch. If you do switch, they offer an excellent physical therapy program though. Almost as much money but you have to touch people. I am trying to get to those who are undecided or bio grads, who for some forsaken reason decide to go to pharmacy school. There are also good RN programs.

  10. pharmacyslave2000  •  Mar 14, 2013 @7:56 am

    MSDEMEANOR, you are correct about RAD. I’ve been concerned about the future of the company for the last 5 years. Things can not continue as they have been. The unfortunate thing is that the employees can not do anything to bring the company back. There have been to many bad business decisions (Eckerd buyout, failed integration after buyout, putting the Eckerd employees in charge, basically EVERYTHING related to that debacle) to bounce back. IMO, the company is being streamlined for a buyout. They are drastically reducing hours (pharmacist and tech.) and TRYING to polish this turd. I’m afraid of what will happen to us pharmacists when this happens. There will be many stores shuttered and not nearly enough positions to place the pharmacists in. We will be following the attorneys to the unemployment line. If you work for RAD, get your life in order NOW. Don’t wait until bad things happen before looking for alternatives.

  11. Pharmacist Bob  •  Mar 14, 2013 @9:53 am

    What a bunch of fucked-up companies!

  12. Goose  •  Mar 14, 2013 @5:06 pm

    There is a lot of blame to be spread around here, I agree, but we need to take some of it. I know I do. I job hopped a lot in the 80′s and 90′s and collected a few signing bonuses along the way. That’s just what happened, everyone got a little greedy and spent most of their time looking out for #1. Nothing wrong with that, but you can’t blame the chains for bringing in the foreign grads, they were having to close up stores they coudn’t staff. Pharmacy schools were just doing what they always have done the best, raising tuition and cashing checks. Professional organizations kept setting the bar higher for more and more education and they are still doing that. That’s a major problem that will not start rearing it’s ugly head for 10-15 years or so.
    Forget about anybody coming to your rescue, it’s not gonna happen. Get active with TPA, go to BOP meetings and complain, then document everything you see at work.
    If you have a tech that is snitching on you and you are the PIC, give them crappy hours or cut their hours until they quit. Or, set them up and get them to be insubordinant and immediately write them up. In most organizations, that’s grounds for immediate dismissal.
    If you feel threatened, get a dialogue open with an attorney. If you are older, play the age discrimination card with your DM.
    The main problem I hear is that you all sound like a bunch of wimps that have given up.
    JP has repeatedly told you what to do and how to do it.
    I don’t know what else to say…….

  13. Peon  •  Mar 14, 2013 @10:24 pm

    WrongAid, TPA has targeted students. About 4 years ago, I was active in TPA and I did emailing to pharmacy professors. I collected a list of their email addresses, which came to about 2300. I wrote my own software that would send each one of them an individual email. We had one dean of a pharmacy school trying to help get our message out. Some of the professors were passing our messages along to their students. Another TPA member and myself wrote a guide for students when they asked for employment and it was free to download.
    Just what should TPA target to those students? When I did emailing, I could tell the students about how to get better working conditions written into their contracts. But, what would I tell them today? If those students don’t know the future they will have when they come out of pharmacy school, then they will learn it quickly enough. It will take some time…some years..before all the high school graduates get the message that pharmacy is no longer a good career. Then, when pharmacy school enrollment drops, some of those pharmacy schools may have to close their doors. But, all this will take some time. I don’t believe there is anything we can actually do to change the future of pharmacy with regard to students and pharmacy schools.
    The big question is what can we do as a small group of pharmacists? If you think you can get all your pharmacist friends to join TPA, then try it. I dare anyone of you to try and get your pharmacist friends to join TPA. I dare you to come up with some good ideas that you think, if implemented, could change the future of pharmacy. I dare you to join TPA, if you are not a member, and then to volunteer your time.
    The problem we face is that we have no strong pharmacy organization that can combat the chains and lobby for change in pharmacy at the political level. We have no strong network of pharmacists. We are, very much, isolated and at the mercy of the big corporations. The real change is being produced by the pharmacists that are bringing lawsuits against the chains. Maybe, and this is just an idea that I will throw out to all of you, is that we should be supporting pharmacists that are bringing lawsuits against the chains. Maybe there needs to be a fund, maybe through TPA, to help those pharmacists that have been fired, are unemployed, and have lawsuits against the chains.

  14. WrongAid  •  Mar 15, 2013 @9:16 am

    That’s great to hear Peon. I hadn’t heard any talk of targeting the students before. I wouldn’t let up on that angle though.

  15. Pharmacist Bob  •  Mar 15, 2013 @9:41 am

    BCM—May I play the theme song from “Mission Impossible”. Your job should you decide to accept it—good luck

  16. the truth  •  Mar 15, 2013 @10:49 am

    Goose, consider yourself lucky. Maybe you’re a PIC, but most of us are not. My PICs never ever did anything to help out the situation. In fact they made it worse. No write ups, no hour cuts, no talks to the offending parties. I did write ups and they magically disappeared from their records. That’s why I say, no one has your back. HR, might as well shoot yourself. Talk to the DM or above, again, shoot yourself. Like Msdemeanor and nj once said, if you even look at a tech the wrong way, they will complain to HR and YOU will get punished. Things aren’t like they were 5 years ago. The pharmacist doesn’t win. You either put up with it or pray you have a DM with a brain and a heart. I put up with it for many, many years. Am I a whiner? Think again. I’m a winner.

  17. bcmigal  •  Mar 15, 2013 @3:02 pm

    Truth, you brought to mind an instance where I was personally offended by a company poster which had a theme that reminded me of a slogan of the Third Reich. When I mentioned this, I was taken to the office and “counseled” for comparing the company to a certain “Party”. Huh?

    Although the use of cellphones is discouraged, the techs use them all day long to text and check Facebook and Twitter. Nothing is ever said to them. And these are the techs who will not hesitate to complain that the pharmacist is not “helping.’

    I also have to take issue with Goose’s comments. If I were to complain about the techs, they would probably be promoted! But I think you are correct: keep an attorney’s card in your pocket.

  18. pharmaciststeve  •  Mar 16, 2013 @1:08 pm

    I think that targeting the students once they reach the college level may be less than productive.. they are already in the “lion’s den”.. I would suspect that most in academia knows that some of their days are numbered… as the RPH surplus catches up with them..

    Here is a association that may of of some help

  19. Goose  •  Mar 18, 2013 @8:50 am

    Truth, bcmigal, et al;
    Yeah, I’m not a PIC and I don’t work retail presently. I’ll admit, in the current atmosphere in pharmacy, I’m a dinosaur. I’m not one of the plant eaters though, more like a T. Rex.
    I’ll tell you all something though. I have dealt with some truly bad, evil people in this business, much worse than any of the people you are currently dealing with and I survived.
    I have had my phone bugged. I have been tailed by a private investigator. I have been threatened. I have been fired and forced out of jobs. But I made it through all that because in the end I toughed it out as long as I had to, came up with a Plan B for employment, documented and printed some stuff to cover my ass then got the hell out of Dodge.
    In case you are wondering, nothing unethical or dishonest on my part, just the people I worked for.
    I have been interviewed by the BOP, DEA, FDA, local and state boards of health and know compliance officers, inspectors and a memeber of my BOP on a first name basis.
    I made it through innumerable inspections and investigations with my good name intact.
    My point is and always will be, when you are weak and vulnerable, people will prey on you. Do what you have to do to make sure you’re part of the steamroller and not part of the pavement.
    I care about all who are in the business and suffering. I’m just trying to help from my experience. Please take it that way.

  20. the truth  •  Mar 20, 2013 @11:22 am

    Goose, thanks and I think we all have our horror stories. My evil person came back to haunt me several years ago and I can’t get into it here. I was not weak. This economy gives these jerks the fuel to hold your job over your head and threaten you. They get away with it then when everything is out in the open, they are fired. But not before they get rid of good people. If you find yourself without a job, good luck. There are no jobs. The jobs on the internet are a sham. I saw the same 3 jobs reposted after a month. I spoke with a DM and they have no openings in this area. No jobs means no jobs. BTW, a big story about CVS broke on ABC today about the voluntary health screening to save 600 dollars a year. I’m surprised they didn’t focus on Rite Aid and the huge penalty you pay for admitting you are a smoker. Same difference.

  21. Rob Kutch  •  Apr 14, 2013 @10:41 am

    There are two ways to change things. Both require a completely out of the box thinking.

    1. Class action law suits to make corporate do what’s right for society and employees rather than just the stockholders and the coporate board.
    2. Pharmacist prescribing mandated by law where we have to reside in the healthcare professionals office. School would be revamped to have the students choose sub-specialties.

    If interested in #2 please read:

    If there is a 3. Let’s do something.
    I a currently unemployed and writing articles just to keep my sanity. I have a total of 9 years of college with MS Nutrition and cannot locate a good steady full-time position.

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