I Am Now Convinced. They Are Getting Rid of Veterans and Hiring Robo-Dispensers.

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I have used these lemming metaphors many times.  I have been criticized for being stale, but what the fuck, man.  If it quacks, what is it?  I know, it is tough when you are all alone and the highway is dark and it is starting to rain.  You need gas and that station is not well lit and the desert offers few comforts to the solitary traveler.  You need a companion.  Perhaps, a few companions.  As far as the retail steam rollers are concerned, the biggest danger is you and other pharmacists starting to talk.  You can be a mindless lemming or you can turn the whole troop around.

 Communication.  The big retailers have had it made by keeping you isolated.  None of us can do this alone.  We need partners, collaborators, fellow guerrillas in this battle.  Keep reading for a few hints that I redundantly keep on repeating.  I will continue until you “Get It”.

Messages like the one below started coming in a couple years ago.  My friends Steve and Goose and Peon (reluctantly for Peon) flipped before I did.  They told me and you that the job of pharmacist was becoming like the job of a skilled piece-work employee on a factory floor.  I said, “No, Goose.  That can’t be.  This is pharmacy.  Pharmacy is a profession.  Pharmacists are well-educated medical professionals.  They are not interchangeable”.  Well, you know what?  If all pharmacists do is administer the “Prescription Mill”, they are replaceable.  How the fuck can you let them box you into the ridiculous spot you are in without a fight?  Pharmacy is governed by thick books a laws and rules and regulations.  You break the law every single day, multiple times, just to keep “The Mill” running as fast as they want it to.  You gotta stop this. It would be a dream if a supervisor told you that you waste time conforming to the law.  You MUST do this.  Make it a mission.  Document, document, document.  Date & who said what.  Keep it in a safe place at home.

You might want to order the pamphlet ”  ”.  There is a link in the pages at the top.

If you can’t manage to do this on your own, get some help.  Research your options to unionize.  You all know that I favor “The Guild for Professional Pharmacists”.  The Guild has been very successful on the coast.  If you can’t manage to make that call or send that inquiring e-mail, go to your local “Food Service Union”.  They, and outfits like them, love having a pharmacist division.  It makes them look good.  But all they would do is support you just like they support the guy in the produce department.  If you want true, professional representation, it is The Guild.

Do something!  The following is a letter I received this morning.  Jay Pee

“Jim, Monday I was informed that the man wanted new fresh faces for his new remodel  in XXXXXX.

I was informed that I would be floating or they might have another store for me down the line. we have talked before and have been following you on Facebook.

I am 63 years old with 20 years of service in August for the same company. 10 years in that location. I have developed many good relationships with my patients.    3 weeks ago a store manager came up and took a picture of me as a —— success story. I have had many favorable comments sent by my people.    Just another example of discrimination.   Don’t stop your Facebook  posts.”



  1. Pharmaciststeve  •  Aug 1, 2013 @8:37 pm

    I stated months ago that pharmacy/pharmacists would have some 2000 “Senior RPH’s” will get shown the door…and replaced by younger, faster, cheaper, less experienced RPH’s. I stated that anyone 45-50 + and 10 + yr service with a company would have their job at risk.

    Unfortunately, if this is correct.. only a very small per-cent are coming forward and becoming visible.

    IMO.. in the next 4-5 years.. that 2000/yr number will grow to at least 4000/yr.

    The chains don’t want their RPH’s to have a “relationship” with the pts… they want the pts to come thru the door because the chain’s name is over the front door..

    IMO.. having a RPH/pt relationship does not fit into the MBA’s spreadsheet… it is something that can’t be measured.. unless the RPH leaves and opens their own store nearby and a chunk of pts follow the RPH.. only then can the “relationship” be measured — as a lost in business by the chain.

    I have been told that some RPH’s are doing covert video recording of conversations with upper management… and copying every email and every memo or instruction to do something that could harm a pt .. by a med error..

    Just look at all the fines that some of the leading chains pay nearly every month.. in multiple millions.. and no exec goes to jail..

  2. boilsrrph87  •  Aug 2, 2013 @12:35 am

    Been looking for work for a Long time. Yes im one of the older experienced type…I could run circles around these new grads. Interesting ifem I found today on careerbuilder.com….a HUGE chunk of job listings for CVS. Also have notice alot of these new grads have zero personable skills….very sad

  3. pharmacyslave2000  •  Aug 5, 2013 @2:19 pm

    I used to think all this was B.S. but I’ve come to the realization that it is not. I’ve seen it and heard about it more often. The chains won’t cut existing salaries, they will simply fire those highest on the food chain and replace them with lower wage new grads. Word on the street is new grads start at $44/hr. in my area. BIG difference compared to those that have been around 20+ years. Watch your backs. Those that choose to rock the boat to much will be the first to go. Best to pick which battles are worth fighting.

  4. Pharmaciststeve  •  Aug 5, 2013 @10:21 pm

    IMO.. anyone 45-50+ and 10+ years of service.. don’t have to rock the boat… those two facts are enough to paint a very large target on your back. just cutting a couple of week’s vacation and higher healthcare costs over “senior RPH’s” will be enough to put you in the cross hairs.. How else is CVS going to keep giving Merlo a 33% bump in pay and increase stock dividends by 30% ?

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