The Gestapo Has Gone After A.J. You must help. He put his ass on the line for all of us.

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Update 11-11-13

This is Big Stuff.  A.J. is Walk the Walk.  How many of you Talk the Talk, but are so scared of retribution that that is all you have the courage to do.  TALK. Anonymously.

I don’t think I told you the best part of the Board meeting. This is the part that got all the bigwigs at CCCCCCCk in a twist and the part I’m getting heat for. When I finised my statement I fielded several questions from the Board members. One of them  point blank asked me if technicians at my employer were performing duties that only a pharmacist can per the rules and regs. Well, what was I supposed to do? I wasn’t going to lie so I said the only thing I could…Yes, they were.  It’s true and I have more proof than anyone would care to look at. He asked me why and I said that’s the companies policy and how they’ve set it up. This has made it all the way to the president of PBM operations. I’m quite popular at CCCCCCCk!  It also prompted a visit from the Director of PBM Quality in San Antonia to make a special trip up to talk with me.

Right now I’m very unpopular in PBM Operations.  I unloaded everything I know onto the Director of Quality. We will see what she does with it. If it’s nothing them I’m prepared to go to the Board. 


Last comment from A.J.  Yesterday.  CCCCCCCC, as in CCC-CCCCCCCC.  That company uses FORCE to get what they want.  If any pharmacist actually acts like a professional and uses discretion, they go ape-shit.  We need CCC pharmacists to join the guerrilla action and we need you to do it NOW.  That includes former CCC RPhs. Kelly, are you up for this?   So many of these top-heavy companies have their ass squarely on the fence.  Refresh y0urself with the historical/political basis of the Humpty Dumpty story.  Recall, “But the emperor has no clothes”.  It will take so little to push them off their high-horse and watch them tumble.

  • The big retailers and PBMs must be smoking something.  It is incredible how vulnerable they are.  A.J. cannot do it alone (And.. he was all alone on Monday).  Now, CCCCCCCC is coming after him.  How can we support him?  How can you guerrillas make a move?   We have to start winning and the time has never been better.  Talk to us.

  • AJ

    November 7th, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Woo! Hoo! Word travels fast! Had a 2.5 hour meeting with my Director and Human Resources this afternoon.

  • I guess the count down is on to see how long I keep my job!

  • Any bets?    A.J.



  1. Whistleblower  •  Nov 8, 2013 @11:35 am

    @AJ…I know a excellent law firm!!!

    Joe Zorek

  2. Cathy Lane RPh  •  Nov 8, 2013 @12:10 pm

    I think this is about time where a new era in integrity and expressing ones’ honest opinion starts making a difference. Hang in there, A.J. All kinds of people across the country are getting shafted for standing up for their rights, and then seeing the tide turn, and you are part of a trend supporting justice and rightness. (I hope!)

  3. Pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 8, 2013 @2:08 pm

    Did you forget about the recent post on Kroger wanting to know about the Pharmacist’s professional and political activity ?

    The surplus & bad economy is getting them to think that they can put everyone into a harness and stick a bit into their mouth…

  4. Pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 8, 2013 @8:10 pm

    Federal jury finds CVS Pharmacy in Anniston violated Age Discrimination Employment Act; awards pharmacist $400,000

  5. AJ  •  Nov 8, 2013 @9:33 pm

    Yes! Made it another day!
    No worries guys. I’m no dummy. I knew there would be consequences for my actions and I will accept them as they come. That was the very reason I went in front of the Board! If there aren’t consequences what’s the point! I have the truth on my side (and a whole shit pile of very specific and detailed violations committed by my company and individual employees) so they can bring it.
    Ultimately, I hope my company does the right thing and my actions served as the catalyst for positive change. Sadly history is not on my side. Breaking the law with reckless abandon and paying the paltry fine later is the unofficial company motto.
    Almost everyone of us is guilty of sitting back and watching our profession get turned into a joke by big corporate retail chains. The proposal to eliminate the pharmacist to technician ratio was the straw that broke the camels back in my mind.
    I am sick and freaking tired of this and will no longer be a bystander. I don’t know what will happen to me nor do I know if I can make even a miniscule difference. I do know one thing. I’m done standing around waiting for someone else to do something about it.

  6. AJ  •  Nov 8, 2013 @9:38 pm

    Whistleblower…thanks for the number. I hope I don’t need a lawyer however I suspect I might. I will keep the number handy.

  7. Whistleblower  •  Nov 8, 2013 @10:37 pm

    Bernabei and Wachtel
    Washington DC

  8. kim lawson  •  Nov 9, 2013 @2:11 am

    Was ist denn los? Warum die Geheimstadts polizi? Naturalich politishen dumbkophs hat jetzt genug nicht?

  9. prickly pharmacist  •  Nov 9, 2013 @8:50 am

    Get the attorney before you need him. I tried filing my complaint on my own and it was a mistake.

  10. bcmigal  •  Nov 9, 2013 @11:59 am

    AJ, hurray for you! What reason does our company have for getting their shorts in a knot? Not like you affected retail sales, right? I think Prickly is correct. Get that attorney now.

  11. Pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 10, 2013 @9:55 am

    #AJ… it has been our experience.. that getting an attorney involved .. before they show you the door.. will stall them off from showing you the door. normally for months… once you are “on the curb”.. they have the upper hand and time is on their side.

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