The Poster Boy For Cheats

Jp Enlarged

After you watch the short video, scroll down and read the comments.  It appears that a CVS employee had been out on an approved leave.   This woman had accumulated benefits.  When she came back, they required her to complete a “New Hire” package.  Then…. her accumulated benefits disappear, CVS gets rid of her, thereby saving $$$$ in the tried and true CVS manner… CHEAT THE EMPLOYEE.

KingCast apparently is a lawyer who likes to bring light to dark places.  In this video, he gets the CVS manager all flummoxed.  It took the sucker over one minute to tell King to turn off the camera.  How does CVS-Caremark get away this?



  1. Pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 11, 2013 @9:20 pm

    They get by with this.. because they pick on low/minimum waged workers who cannot afford to take them to court.

  2. prickly pharmacist  •  Nov 20, 2013 @7:48 am

    The can do it because they own the boards and courts. They pay a lot of taxes. No one in authority wants to anger CVS or the other large corporations. How much do you think they spend in campaign contributions and PACs?

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