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The tide is turning, my friends.  Ten years ago, just the idea of this happening would have had us gagging with laughter.  Jay Pee

Pharmacist wins age discrimination case against CVS

 NOV 21, 2013

 After celebrating his 65th birthday at the beach, pharmacist Roger Harris returned to his Anniston, Ala. workplace to find a surprise waiting for him: He had been fired and replaced by a 27 year-old.

Harris sued CVS Caremark, alleging the retail chain violated the federal Age Discrimination Employment Act when it fired him in 2009. And after a two-week jury trial before U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Hopkins, a federal jury agreed with Harris and awarded him $400,000 in back pay. Harris could be eligible for an additional $400,000 in damages. Judge Hopkins has yet to rule on damages.

“The termination document was dated August 13, 2009,” said Kenneth Haynes, Harris’ lawyer, told the Birmingham News. ”He was celebrating his 65th birthday at the beach. When he returned to work he was informed on August 17, 2009 of his termination.”

A CVS spokesman said the chain is considering an appeal.

“We respect and appreciate the jury’s effort in reviewing this case, but we strongly disagree with their decision,” Mike DeAngelis, CVS Caremark’s director public relations told the newspaper. “CVS Caremark has a firm non-discrimination policy, and we do not tolerate discrimination in our workplace on the basis of age or any other legally-protected trait.  We are considering our options for appeal.”


- See more at: http://drugtopics.modernmedicine.com/drug-topics/news/pharmacist-wins-age-discrimination-case-against-cvs#sthash.88ZCHWPd.dpuf



  1. AJ  •  Nov 27, 2013 @10:56 am

    CVS…what a shit hole!
    Says the corporate talking head “CVS Caremark has a firm non-discrimination policy, and we do not tolerate discrimination in our workplace on the basis of age or any other legally-protected trait. We are considering our options for appeal.”
    No shit. They have a whole bunch of “firm” policies they ignore on a daily basis..and laws, rules, regulations…

  2. Pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 27, 2013 @1:53 pm

    Policy & procedure manual is there so that they can use it to get rid of employees who either break the rules.. they don’t know about or break the rules at the verbal direction of a supervisor.
    The question remains.. if they are so “lily white” why are they being sued or fined nearly every week and have paid 100′s of millions in fines over the last 5 yrs or so.

    From the outside.. it looks like they believe that nothing is illegal until you are caught doing it…

    Isn’t that the way that the drug cartels and the mafia operates ?

  3. AJ  •  Nov 27, 2013 @6:28 pm

    Hit the nail on the head Steve! The unofficial company motto…Do it until you get caught, pay the paltry fine then find a new way.
    If someone from CVS legal or corporate management told me the sky was blue I’d still go outside and verify.

  4. Peon  •  Nov 27, 2013 @9:35 pm

    I read the article in Drug Topics and then the comments below. Looks like there are a lot of prior employees of CVS that were terminated because of age. There must be a large pool of them. If they would only get a lawyer and file suit.

  5. pharmaciststeve  •  Nov 27, 2013 @10:35 pm

    It has been reported that there have been HUNDREDS of RPH’s that have been in contact with Whistle blower’s law firm.. Just wait until his lawsuit is finalized in his favor :-)

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