Never Sign Anything and I am Not Blowing Smoke

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There will be a time when you are called to the office to get a lecture and being “written up” for being rude.  It is very likely that you are guilty of being busy, multi-tasking and not jumping front and center when tight-ass Mrs. Doremus wanted you to explain why her co-pay is $30.00 instead of $5.00.  The technician has already explained the variance between brand and generic.   She whined that since the doctor wrote “Do Not Substitute” on the Rx she should get the $5.00 toll.  You said, “I cannot explain it any better than Tom. Call the 800 number on the back of your insurance card.  They can explain.  That is their job.  It is not our job.”  You were polite.  You smiled.  You thanked her for trusting Walgreens.  She went for your throat.

Here are the basic rules for your behavior in the office.

1. BRING A WITNESS.  A FELLOW EMPLOYEE IS FINE.  No witness, record the meeting with the voice recorder on your smart phone.  If Billy Bob says NO, the meeting is over.

2.  DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.  EVER.  Even if the Store Manager observed your transaction with Mrs. Doremus. Sign nothing.  Signing says that you admit that you are guilty of being rude.  You were not rude.  Do not argue though. Ever.  Your choosing not to sign is a definitive statement that you do not agree that you are guilty.  Billy Bob, night school Junior College Business School Vet, can do nothing.  Trust me.  He is out of the water. If he gets loud and abusive.  When he tries to bully you, do your best impression of the Dalai Lama.  Just sit there.

2.  Make eye contact.  Often and hold it until BB looks Away.  This is tough, Jessica.  Young women in Texas are not trained to be this assertive.  Just DO IT.

3.  DO NOT GET ALL HUFFY AND WALK OUT OF THE ROOM.  If needed,  just sit there.  Silence is your ally, not BB’s.  If he gets abusive and demands that you talk, record it in your head and document when you get home. 

4. DO NOT LAUGH AT HIM. Not a good idea.  He is the Nazi jailer doing the dirty work of the company. It is his tiny ass if he doesn’t do it.  

5.  DO NOT USE, BAD, VULGAR OR INSULTING LANGUAGE.  Saying, “You are one big dick, Billy Bob” will ruin it all.  It could cost you your job.  If you are one of us who rocks CVS’ boat by counseling or giving attention to the elderly woman who needs your help picking a laxative, they may have a bullseye on your back.  You know, with the sudden influx of Robo-Dispensers from the new for-profit schools of the Phoenix mold.  Check out the Touro University cirriculum.   These kids need to work.  Entry level is probably 15% less than what you make now.  You may be targeted.  Cover your ass.

6.  DO NOT TOUCH BILLY BOB.  It would be the touch of death.  Picture this.  Billy Bob reads the “Write Up” to you.  It is pure bull shit.  It accuses you of some bad behavior.   You want to get his attention so you grab his arm.  





  1. pharmaciststeve  •  Dec 5, 2013 @10:19 pm

    First and foremost.. if you believe that you are being set up to be pushed out the door… get an attorney to send a letter to corporate legal.. it has been my experience that everything will come to a screeching halt.. while things are being worked out.. I know.. attorneys cost money.. but.. spending a half day’s pay for a legal letter could postpone your departure by several weeks.. giving you time to look for another job.. while still drawing a pay check…

    If you haven’t started keeping documentation about the “things” that you have been told or required to do.. that you question the legality and/or puts pt’s health/safety at risk.. you are probably screwed…

    Remember.. the most favorite phrase in healthcare is.. if it isn’t documented.. it didn’t happen..

  2. Peon  •  Dec 5, 2013 @11:46 pm

    JP…you gave some good advice. For women that easily feel intimidated, I recommend they take someone with them to the meeting, and never meet with management alone if at all possible. If management will not allow someone else, then be sure and take that tape recorder. And, never let them intimidate you. Don’t argue with them and try to justify your actions. That just plays into their hands and puts you on the defensive.

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