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At 7:30 AM, every fourth Friday, this young (25 Y0) pharmacist has to go to a “A Store Meeting”.  I’d guess that rarely do they ever discuss pharmacy issues. Probably because they are ignorant of what goes on in the pharmacy.  They can’t fit the pharmacy into the variety store paradigm.  It is a mind-bender for the cosmetic girl.  The guy who stocks the OTC section wonders out loud why the pharmacy staff can’t face his shelves.  I honestly think that the companies that keep a thick firewall between the pharmacy and the store floor will be the most successful.  It does not work to have a night school assistant manager threaten to write a pharmacist up because she refuses to refill a hydrocodone/APAP Rx because it has No Refills.  The patient shows the vial with 1 refill remaining on the label to the assistant and the manager goes ape-shit.  The result is an interruption in the flow of the pharmacy.  The pharmacist has to call the Pharmacy District guy.  The DM has to call the store manager.  By now, the write-up has been circulated among the other managers at this store.  Some of them share this with managers in other stores under the file name: Stupid Pharmacist.. Again.

The firewall that we need must have this over the door.  Mind your own business.

The 25 Y0 pharmacist wrote this.  He asked that I not mention where he is and to make it anonymous.  Tell me. why are so many pharmacists so scared?  

Mister Plagakis. 

We have donuts at the monthly store meetings.  It was my turn to bring the donuts.  The store always reimburses the employee for the expense.  Ours is a busy store.  Especially now with all of the Snow Birds coming to town.   We have over 20 employees, but less than 30.  I went to Dunkin Donuts.  It was out of my way.  I bought 4 dozen donuts.  Two dozen fancy ones and two dozen plain.

When I gave the store manager the receipt, he said, “What is this for.”

“It’s the receipt for the donuts I bought for the meeting.”

“I’m not paying you for all of the creamy ones.”

“You have to,” I argued and the discussion got loud.  

He just ignored me.  He dismissed me with a wave.  ”That’s why you get the big bucks,” he said to my back.  ”You can afford it.”

I called my District Manager and almost lost it when he asked me,  ”Why am I always having to put out your fires?”

This happened the morning of December 6th.   He still hasn’t given me my money back.  My husband says that I should be more forceful.  He offered to go in to the manager’s office and get it for me.





  1. joshua poe  •  Dec 29, 2013 @11:39 am

    I am sorry to say that store staff are able to squeese pharmacists more than ever – especially in Florida where the aggregate demand indicator has tipped to supply exceeding demand in all practice settings. Retail pharmacy is bad everywhere. ADI exceeds bemand nationally for retail pharmacists. Forget the donuts. Keep your head down before they find a way to get rid of you and replace you with a pharmacist who they can pay $10 less an hour. No joke – there is zero security in pharmacy positions anymore. :(

  2. I am John Galt  •  Dec 29, 2013 @12:28 pm

    December 6th? I’d be seriously thinking about taking hubby up on his offer (provided he can keep a cool head).

  3. pharmaciststeve  •  Dec 29, 2013 @12:29 pm

    You got to know when to pick your fights.. I would let it go… BUT.. it would be a cold day in hell before I went to get donuts without being given money up front.

    Secondly.. I would find ways that the P&P is being violated by the store manager.. when it comes to the operation of the Rx dept..

    Does the P&P state that only Rx dept staff allowed in the Rx dept… make the SOB manager ask for permission to enter.. If P&P doesn’t cover it .. get a clarification from the BOP.

    There a subtle, but persistent ways to push his hot buttons…

    Also, you could submit the bill to the CFO.. with a letter explaining the situation


    turn the issue over to HR.. because the manager technically STOLE MONEY FROM YOU.. If the manager will steal money from a fellow employee.. it would seem to me that he might have the same attitude about the company “making enough money” to justifying stealing from the company as well..

    A thief is a thief ….

  4. Crazy RxMan  •  Dec 29, 2013 @2:49 pm

    I don’t know about the other guys, but at my company we sign a waiver every year that says we will NOT talk bad about our beloved company on any social media.

    Therefore I need to remain anonymous because my company is run by a crap load of complete imbeciles.

  5. Cathy Lane RPh  •  Dec 29, 2013 @8:13 pm

    No way. In the pharmacy dept. we take turns bringing ‘treats’ but there’s no way I’d endorse ‘bringing in the big bucks’, as it is no ones’ business how much I make; it’s not a reason, nor is it an excuse. If they want a pharmacy in their store, they have to have a registered pharmacist on duty. I’m a pharmacist FIRST, then an employee of a pharmacy. There’s no reason we can’t ‘get along’ but, furnishing refreshments for free is not in the job description.

    Nor, am I a store ‘manager’ just because I work as a pharmacist. I am a pharmacist; non-pharmacists do not enter the pharmacy without me.

    It’s the law. I always laugh when some new hospital night supervisor is assigned to work because they’re handed a set of keys and they think they can enter the pharmacy at night. Ha.

  6. Barto  •  Dec 30, 2013 @2:33 pm

    I have to agree with Steve that this is the wrong fight to pick. Let it go. Now a little advice when I was with a large company and we had meetings I always brought something, cookies, donuts, coffee cake, etc because that was the best $20 I could spend. Created a ton of good will and I never ever had a problem when I asked for additional help from someone outside of the pharmacy in them helping. Its a big “F’n” game don’t drag the employees of the store or the store manger into, look at the big picture and what your goal is and “grease the wheels” when needed. The minimum wage employee is a whore for a donut. But always when you bring donuts let them know that they are from you and how much you appriciate them! Set your self you to win.

  7. bcmigal  •  Jan 1, 2014 @11:41 am

    My dear departed mother-in-law had a saying: when you play with pigs, they have fun and you get dirty. In other words, Steve and Barto are right. Don’t waste of minute of your time over donuts.

  8. Goose  •  Jan 2, 2014 @4:04 pm

    I would just make a deal with the local donut guy that I would pay a dollar or whatever for any donuts he was going to throw out, no matter how old they were.
    Then I would pick those up and bring them to every meeting. No charge or reinbursement needed.
    Of course I would pick up a couple of nice fresh ones for myself.
    When dealing with dicks, I find the best way to handle them is to give it right back at them.

  9. Peon  •  Jan 2, 2014 @10:57 pm

    Let it go. You are causing friction when it is unnecessary. It is best to stay on good sides with store management. And, don’t be phoning the DM over petty squabbles. You are hurting no one but yourself. And, as Steve says, you need to pick your fights very carefully. From many years of experience, when it comes corporations you rarely win. You can waste a lot of time and energy fighting. Chalk this up as a learning experience.

  10. Goose  •  Jan 9, 2014 @6:26 pm

    Don’t you guys ever do anything crazy?

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