The Most Important Legal Action To Impact Pharmacy In Decades

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Joe's Lawyers are "Bernabei and Wachtel".  Washington, D.C.  202.745.1942.  It is my understanding that these lawyers are all in on this.  Not just Joe's case, but the cases of pharmacists being pressured to work in such a manner and in such conditions that put patients in danger.  Call them and offer to share your documentation.  You will have the exquisite pleasure of seeing the idiots at C.V.S. brought to their knees.

Joe Zorek is "Whistleblower".  He and the law firm representing him are taking C.V.S. to the mat.  There are other pharmacists getting involved.  Pay attention this this case and provide help.  You can do this in the form of your documentation.  Your documented incidents of C.V.S. cheating, encouraging you to break the law,  treating you as if you are piece work employee in a factory.  Well, yow just may be if you ignore your professional, legal and ethical mandates to run the Prescription Mill just to be fast.  I do not get it.  How can you do this?  It is so easy to get them off your back, but you have to do something.  The following are comments left by Whistleblower.  

You are correct would be this coming Tuesday...I guess they will put all kinds of threats on them...oh least two of the three RPHs fear for their jobs...the few techs that are left are are no worry to me....2/3 of the techs that worked on my team are gone or are only working limited hours and have moved up in the world.
As for that 5" inch will be put to good use. Documenting is the most important thing you can do...not a day goes by that I don't hear of info RPHs are taking home with them. The latest piece of info coming from the east coast is that the front store manager has been instructed to come into the pharmacy and check your screens....if they don't like what they see, they will give you a nudge....there is a email to prove this! What next? I'm very limited as to what I can speak on....but I promise it's gonna get really noisy real soon. If I can assist in any way Jim and Steve have my contact info. Our patients need us more than ever and all of you practicing for the chains, I believe are facing the most challenging year yet. Take care and Happy New Year!!!

Joe Zorek



  1. pharmaciststeve  •  Jan 4, 2014 @5:30 pm

    “Well, yow just may be if you ignore your professional, legal and ethical mandates to run the Prescription Mill just to be fast”

    For you with this concept… two things will happen to you over the years…

    1. You will age and will not be able to move as fast as you use to and not as fast as those 20+ yrs younger than you…and .. you then become the hunted and stop being the hunter

    2. You will wise up.. and realize that you have been breaking laws – at the request and benefit of your employer.. and you will have -hopefully – amassed some assets and you don’t want to put those at risk losing them.. if you get sued and lose.

    3. you will have an epiphany and realize that those “old guys” back in the early 21st century that kept tell me that I was a idiot going along with everything that my employers wanted me to do.. AND THEY WERE RIGHT !

  2. Pharmacy Gal  •  Jan 5, 2014 @1:29 pm

    Steve, could I add number four to your list?
    4. You will realize the value of documenting everything!

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