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I asked Goose if he could handle the curve and he wrote this. You guys in Indiana need to step up.  Every R.Ph. in the country will consider, at least privately, that they should join you.

As some of you know, I live in Indiana and I have a friend on the board, I will offer to do this.
I will approach my friend on the board and see if we can get on the agenda as a concerned group of pharmacists about workflow issues.
I need folks from Indiana that work for the chains to come in and tesify about staffing concerns with times, dates etc.
Keep in mind that Wags and CVS both are represented on the board and that Ron Snow, head of college relations for CVS in Indiana goes to every meeting.
Maybe we could offer up the Oregon Board’s work as an example for what we could hope for.
If we get a model from this meeting or a response, maybe we could get a grassroots effort going with other state boards.
The soonest I could do this is June 2014, the board meeting is around the first of the month.
SRA, can you help get the word out?
Let’s do this.  Goose

 A portion of Comments from Steve.  I believe that both he and Goose live in Indiana.  If you want to read the complete comments, follow the Comments by clicking down below.

Retaliation.  Are we talking about a profession here?

I will relate a phone I had last night from a Legend RPH in the NE.. the RPH complained to the BOP about practice act violation that his employer was allowing to happen.. apparently this state's BOP is stacked with employees of this chain.. it came back down from the BOP that they "were taking care of it" and this RPH started getting retaliation from this chain's management.. This same chain did the same thing in a SE state.. and the BOP suspended a handful of stores from performing this service for two years. My understanding is that there are no chain employees on this BOP.

IMO.. the BOP can blow us off.. getting the media to pay attention.. is a whole different animal. The bureaucrats don't like microphones stuck in their face being asked uncomfortable questions.



  1. pharmaciststeve  •  Mar 2, 2014 @10:35 am

    @Goose.. I went to a invitation only luncheon with Senator Ron Grooms, RPh this past Wednesday.. there was only abt 15 people there.

    I had went to the IPA legislative meeting two weeks before and met with him in his office .. I pointed out to him at the time all the recent “bad press” that pharmacy was getting in the media.. his comments were “this is not good for pharmacy”..

    This year’s short legislative session is winding down…What many people don’t realize is that these legislators will start working on bills for the next year’s legislation this summer.

    You want to influence what shows up in the legislative box in the 2015 long legislative session… you need to start talking to your legislator in late spring.. that is Indiana’s timetable.. other states have different calendars.. but.. the point is that all legislators start putting bills together 6 months before the session starts.

    One statement that Ron made during our meeting in his office.. “the various state agencies ..do what the legislators – via laws – tells them to do.”

    Don’t come to your elected bureaucrat bitching about a problem.. come with a suggested solution..

    Both Ron Grooms, Rph and Steve Davidsson, RPH are running for re-election this year.. Politicians that are friendly to pharmacy.. need volunteers and contributions to their re-election campaign. You don’t need to donate thousands.. in local/state campaigns.. 100 is much appreciated.

    For a very long time.. NCPA has used the slogan .. “get into politics .. or get out of pharmacy ..”

    You can either help drive this bus.. or you can go along for the ride.. or just be a “back-seat driver”

  2. Stephan Scharff  •  Mar 4, 2014 @2:24 am

    Why are CVS and Wags represented on the board? It seems that would be a conflict of interest. Or maybe they “own” the board. Things are so bad nothing would surprise me.

  3. pharmaciststeve  •  Mar 4, 2014 @8:03 pm

    @Stephan.. in Indiana.. the BOP members are appointed by the Governor… The only Pharmacist that ia non-corporate exec on the IN BOP is the son of a Pharmacist.. who works in the family pharmacy…His Father has been on the BOP previously, in the legislature and President of the IN Pharmacy Alliance. Also the IN BOP has many members that are in their 3rd – 4th four year term.

  4. goose  •  Mar 14, 2014 @11:23 am

    Hey guys,
    I’m not going to call my friend until I get some responses.
    Let’s stand up for ourselves.
    Email me at redgoose54@gmail.com

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