Pay Attention. Revolutions Take Place In The Blink Of An Eye. Essentially A Shifting Of Power. It is Called “Pharmacy” Pharmacists Should Have The Power, Not Clueless MBA Masters of the Universe

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Whistleblower= Courage, Integrity, professional standards
This letter is from a member of The Pharmacy Alliance who wants to support Joe and Paula during some stressful days when the court battle involves Joe’s law firm against the battalions of lawyers that CVS can muster. We all need to step up. Joe is doing it for US.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Whistleblower;

I am a far too casual member of the pharmacy alliance, and Jim P sent us a note about what you are going through. First, I would like to say, God bless you for what you are doing. I have worked as a pharmacist in retail, I know how hard it is to just do the job well. And when corporate is always after you about nonsense like tech hours and staff levels and getting your numbers up, you realize that they are completely clueless. Corporations like CVS do not give a damn about their patients. They want more and more while giving less and less, and it is setting the pharmacist and the patient both up for failure. There is no way anyone can do their job well under the circumstances we are expected to work in. So each of us is set up to fail, and the company then blames us for not being able to make an impossible situation work. It is corporate bullying in the purest sense.

So! I really just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be a pharmacist when I hear about people like you. You make our profession SHINE. Your patients are the luckiest people on earth to have you going to bat for them, and at such a cost. You make each of us look great.

I understand from Jim that you have had a recent personal loss, and I hope it helps a tiny bit for you both to know that people you may never meet are sending positive thoughts your way. Jim wants us to come and wash your car :) Since I am on the Left coast these days, it’s a little bit of a reach for me, but I can tell you this; if you are ever in Portland, OR, you have a place to stay. I am about 40 miles west of the city. You folks are welcome. It would be an honor to host people with your level of integrity and commitment.

Thank you for not moving to the back of the bus. You stay right up front with your patients, and bless you for keeping their health and interest at heart.

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1 Comment

  1. Queen of Hearts  •  Apr 4, 2014 @1:15 pm

    In the last month or so the number of termination s or treats of termination has risen. I know you keep hearing that word Document, it’s the only thing that will save you going forward…it’s not just the Legacy RPHs this time around, it’s the thirty something group. Just this past week a young RPH made the proper connections and has a network of support. It’s that season, new grads ready to do whatever the chains ask…anything for a job and they will work for $42.50 per hour(NY).

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